Representative Honours

Subiaco Floreat CC players who have achieved representative honours while playing for the Club.

The names are linked to the player's CricInfo Profile.


 Australian Representatives

 J.W. Rutherford
 J.M. Hubble
 K.J. Hughes
 T.M. Alderman
 G.D. Porter
 N.M. Coulter-Nile
 N.E. Bolton
 J.P. Behrendorff

 M.P. Stoinis

 C.D. Green

 Zimbabwe Representatives

 M.W. Goodwin

  WA Representatives  Career 

 1st Class


for WA 

H.C. Howard1905-25 20
G.B. Moysey1907-081
 W.H. Hennah1909-101
C.A. Lehmann1912-132
C.H. Robinson1920-211
A.H.J.C Heindricks1922-232
A.D. Drew1924-3213
R.H. Hewson1924-3113
A.E.C. Smith1925-272
E.J. Martin1932-332
G.C. Arthur1937-383
 J.A. Jeffreys1937-395
K.S. Jeffreys1937-456
A.E.O. Barras1937-476
R.L. Mills1937-385
A.D. Watt1938-4816
K.R. Cumming1945-479
T.E. O'Dwyer1946-5915
 T.M. Outridge1947-5219
R.F. Sands1947-481
D.S.T. Williams1948-518
J.W. Rutherford1952-6038
G.A.R. Lock1962-7071
J.M. Hubble1964-7415
J.B. Gannon1966-7837
G.D.  Watson1971-7425
P.A. Nicholls1971-7819
D.J. Baker1972-8117
G.A. Young1972-732
 T.M. Alderman1974-92110
K.J. Hughes1975-8866
G.D. Porter1977-8526
T.G. Hogan1981-9056
G.E.W. Bush1984-909
P. Gonnella1984-8819
T. Breman1985-8710
P.A. Capes1985-8740
C. Auty1990-912
S. Herzberg1991-922
M.W. Goodwin1994-0562
 J.M.  Allen1996-971
S.A. Glew1998-991
G.G. Swan1999-0011
M.W. Clark2001-0417
D.C. Bandy2005-1026
L.M. Davis2007-13 40
N.M. Coulter-Nile2009-    
E.L. King2009-      
J.P. Behrendorff2011-    
H. Graham2011-      
M. Banting2013-     
C.D. Green2017-    
A.B. Holder  2017- 
M.P. Stoinis  2018- 

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