Player Code of Conduct


The purpose of this Code of Conduct (Code) is to detail the type of behaviour that is encouraged by the Committee of the Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club (Club).

In addition to the principles of this Code there are listed specific examples of behaviour which, if contradicted, shall be deemed by the Committee to be conduct unbecoming, or conduct not in the interests of the Club.

By listing this information the Committee offers clear direction to players and members in this area.



1. The Club seeks to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property. Respect is defined as consideration for the wellbeing of another's body, emotions and possessions, to ensure no damage or deprivation is caused to any of them.


2. The Club seeks to operate in an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment is defined as any action directed at an individual or group, which creates an environment of hostility, intimidation or offensiveness.


3. The Club seeks to operate in a non‑discriminatory environment. By this it is meant that everyone has an equal opportunity and receives a fair go in accordance with the law as well as the rules of the game of cricket.


4. The Players, to whom the Code applies, acknowledge and agree to comply with the procedures and processes, enacted by the Committee, to address non‑compliance with the Code. If disciplinary action is taken against a player, there shall be the opportunity to participate in those proceedings and to appeal against any penalty.




Each person who is bound by the Code shall:


1.     Not act in a manner unbecoming, or contrary to the interests of the Club;


2.     Treat people involved in cricket (spectators, players, officials etc) with courtesy, respect and proper regard for their rights and obligations;


3.     Treat others' property, club and individual, with respect and due consideration of its value;


4.     Demonstrate a positive commitment to the procedures, policies and rules of the game of cricket, the Club and the WADCCI as well as respecting the rules and customs of other clubs visited;


5.     Uphold and not injure or compromise, the standing and reputation of the game of cricket;


6.     Uphold the proud traditions of the Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club by training and playing hard, whilst being fair to all others involved.


7.     Membership subscriptions (fees) shall be finalised by the 30th November of the current season otherwise a player’s availability for selection may be cancelled.



1. Be on time to play and train.


2. Play to the rules of the game. Respect, and never argue with, an umpire's decision.


3. Always offer your hand to opposition players at the end of each game.


4. Treat all players as you would like to be treated.


5. Support and encourage your team mates.


6. Display control, respect, dignity, appreciation and professionalism to all involved with cricket this includes but is not limited to officials, opponents, coaches, administrators, parents, friends and spectators.


7. Demonstrate concern and caution towards sick or injured players; be they opposition or team mates.


8. Control your temper verbal abuse of officials and/or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable.


9. Do not use language, or discuss matters, within earshot of those that may be reasonably assumed to deem it offensive, profane or derogatory.


10. Work equally hard for yourself and for your team your team's performance will benefit and so will your own.


11. No player shall turn up to a game or training under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


12. Illegal drugs are not to be brought into the club’s premises or facilities for any reason.


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