What Is Expected of You as a SFCC Cricketer

·        Do Your Very Best – You should expect to give every ounce of dedication to your preparation and match performance.


·      Portray the Best possible Image – People will judge you and your Club on what you say and do. Be accountable for your actions.


·      Be Part of the Team – You are playing a team sport, you must participate fully and contribute to the “feeling” of the team. Be aware of the team rules, eg. arrival times, warm up and attire.


·      Be Fully Occupied with the Sport – You have made a decision to participate and therefore must strive to perform to your utmost ability. You should attend to all the details of training and competition. Read cricket books and articles which will give you a better insight into the game. Extra training outside your normal team training routine will assist your development/performance considerably.


·      Consider Yourself – You should take notice of everything and consider how it affects you. Try to do what’s best for you and to focus on yourself and not what others are doing.


·      Consider Others – It is necessary to consider other team members. Such things as not disturbing their practice, being supportive and assisting others are all examples of desirable actions. Don’t brood and have a poor attitude that affects team mate’s performance.


·      Have Fun – You’re playing the game for enjoyment so be positive and decisive in your thoughts and actions.


·      Communicate – The coaching staff will do what it can to assist you in improving your game but it’s a two way process so be prepared to communicate with them. If you’re unavailable to train or play you will need to advise the Club Coach.


·      Observe Your Responsibilities – Participating in a sport is a privilege. You owe it to yourself, teammate’s, family and friends to do your very best.


·      Plan Everything – You should attempt to plan, or at least consider everything you do, eg. keep a journal or diary of your daily activities related to cricket.


·      Respect Teammate’s Property, Club Property and Facilities – Always treat your teammate’s property and the Clubs property and facilities with the respect it deserves.


·      Together




Updated on 9 September 2013
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