Selection Policy – Seniors

The purpose of this document is to confirm to all senior players the criteria and process involved in selecting teams to represent the Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club in the Western Australian District Cricket Competition.

This selection policy is for the benefit of all players and selectors alike and is designed to enable the selection process to operate as smoothly as possible. At the heart of this policy is the notion that every player aspires to play at the very highest level that their ability allows and with the commitment of its players, the club not only fields competitive sides but also provides reasonable opportunity for players to meet their own expectations.

The selection committee will not always be able to please all players and if a player has a grievance with a selection decision, they need to address these concerns directly with the Chairman of Selectors and/or Club Coach.

Selections will always be made in the best interests of the team/club and decisions will not be based on personal relationships.

Selection Panel

The selection panel will comprise of the Chairman of Selectors, Club Coach and all Senior Team Captains.

All Captains (or their designated team representative) will be required to attend selection meetings which will be held initially after training on a Tuesday in the Club pavilion and may need to be finalised on the following Thursday prior to the upcoming fixture. Selection of the teams will be in conjunction with the respective Team Captain but the Club Coach and Chairman of Selectors will have the final say as to the make-up of any particular team.

Where possible, on a Thursday prior to a new fixture, both the Club Coach and Chairman of Selectors will meet with any player who is either moving up or down a grade and provide the reasons for the movement and also provide direction on what is expected from them in ensuing fixtures.

Selection Criteria

Please refer to the club’s document on Training Requirements

All players are required to attend training sessions scheduled by the Club Coach with standard sessions held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm to 7.30pm at Floreat Oval. Pre-season sessions may be scheduled away from the Club and players will be advised of those arrangements by email with information also available on the club website.

If players are unable to attend training, it is their responsibility to advise either the Club Coach, Chairman of Selectors or Team Captain of their situation. A lack of communication will be seen as detrimental to selection.

Where a player has a legitimate reason for non-attendance at training sessions, such as work, family or medical reasons and has conveyed this to the selection committee, it is the selection committee’s prerogative to exclude their training attendance and select on performance and other criteria.

Attitude and Work Ethic 
Pease refer to the club’s document on Expectations

It is expected that all players will approach training sessions in the same way that they would approach a game. All players are expected to work hard during training and support each other at all times. Any player not able to do normal training activities will be required to assist the coaching staff as directed.

Match Day Punctuality

All players are expected to arrive at least 60minutes (or earlier if directed by the Captain) before the commencement of a fixture. Constantly late players will affect their selection prospects unless prior arrangements have been made with the Team Captain. The Club will endeavor to accommodate all reasonable circumstances providing the player communicates with the selection panel.


Form is a primary criteria in the selection policy as this allows the club to field its most competitive sides for any fixture. However, this doesn’t mean that for one good/disappointing performance that promotion/demotion is applied. Where possible, players will be given a reasonable opportunity to perform in any particular grade.

Team balance is critical for all grades when selecting teams. There will be instances where changes will be made and these may not be based on performance, but purely to achieve team balance and may require the selection panel to promote/demote players on that basis. Credence will be given to winning teams and therefore changes might be less likely. If players are performing well in lower grades, they will be encouraged to continue that form to place pressure on players in higher grades. A point to note is that individuals playing well will generally lift team spirit which in turn assists the club to prosper as a whole.


1st Class players will be included in the 1st Team when available and this may affect players across all the grades. It may be that their availability is only for part of a fixture and players affected will be advised either at the start or mid-way through a fixture.

Club/Team Support

Cricket is a team sport and it is expected that players will work together at both training sessions and on game day (as directed) to assist in setting up and packing away all equipment. It is unreasonable to leave these duties to the same few on every occasion. A big part of a club’s on field success is attributable to their off field success and the way team members interact positively with one another. Players will be expected to attend post match functions on a regular basis.

Junior Selection in Senior Matches    

Junior players selected to play senior cricket will be selected on the following basis:

  • Parental permission has been obtained.
  • Junior players’ responsibility is to junior cricket first and foremast. Our philosophy is that juniors compete in their age-appropriate level in the first instance. Playing senior cricket as a junior (although a great experience) is a privilege not a right.
  • The senior grade a junior player is selected in will be based on ability but in some instances it may be to accommodate ground logistics.  This will be decided by the Club Coach, Chairman of Selectors and the current Junior Coach. If a dispute occurs between Captains over which grade a particular junior is selected then the Club Coach and Chairman of Selectors will have the final call.

·     Junior players should be directed to not play more than two games per weekend.



Updated on 9 September 2013
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