Training Requirements

  • Senior training commences at 5pm at Floreat Oval and concludes at approximately 7.30pm. Club warm up gear/ tracksuits must be worn at all practice sessions.
  • Advise the Net Captain that you have arrived.
  • One complete lap of Floreat Oval at above jogging pace to warm up muscles prior to stretching. Stretching: 5-10 minutes of Dynamic Flexibility and Mobility Exercises.
  • Warm up your heart and lung muscles with 6 x 30 mtr run throughs (2 @ ½ pace, 2 @ 2/3 pace and 2 @ ¾ pace).
  • Attend training with a specific area of your game you want to improve. Having preset you goals will help in this area.
  • Be aware of the safety requirements at training. Don’t turn your back to the nets and batters endeavor to hit the ball along the ground. Bowlers shouldn’t bowl until the net is clear.
  • Mental Practice – Mentally prepare yourself when you go into bat, consider pitch conditions and bowlers you’ll be facing and strategy you’ll be adopting.
  • Observation Practice – One good form of learning, especially as a younger player is watching the more experienced senior players.
  • Following batting there will be some running to do, with or without your gear on. Instructions will be issued prior to training.
  • Use common courtesy when practicing. When batting, pick up the ball and return to the bowler on the full. No “slogging” – only good cricket shots.
  • If you’re working to a program and you have finished bowling, please advise the Net Captain or Coach of your intention so he can arrange a suitable replacement. Never just leave the net.
  • Your first responsibility to training is to ensure there are enough bowlers. Never go and do throw downs or fielding if there is a shortage of bowlers.
  • Training is finished when the Coach or whoever is in charge calls an end to practice. It doesn’t finish when you feel you’ve had enough. If you have to leave training early then please advise the Coach prior to training, not leave a message with one of your team mates.
  • Warm down: 5-10 minutes of Static Stretching at the completion of the session as well as observing the necessary recovery practices ie: Proper Post-Training Nutrition, Icebath/Hot and Cold Showers, Wearing Recovery Skins, Water intake, Adequate Sleep.
  • At the conclusion of training, pitch in and help the coaching staff put the gear away.




                         PERFECT  TRAINING  MAKES  PERFECT

Updated on 9 September 2013
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