The Committee of the Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club is committed to:


ü  Ensuring Responsible Server Practices are in place to avoid disturbing the amenity of the local area by respecting the rights of neighbours and reminding members and guests to respect the immediate community’s rights by departing in a quiet and orderly fashion.


ü  Discouraging antisocial and inappropriate behaviour, ensuring the safety and enjoyment to all parties with the Club’s Constitution and committee having power to suspend or expel members or their guests misbehaving in a manner likely to effect the enjoyment of the club.


ü  Allowing the sale and supply of alcohol only to members and guests of members.


ü  Serving liquor in a responsible manner within the guidelines formulated by the WA Director of Liquor Licensing.


ü  Ensuring no unruly behaviour or drunkenness will be allowed, maintaining the standards as required under the Club’s Constitution. Members entering the club in an intoxicated state will be denied entry.


ü  Prohibiting juveniles from being served alcohol. Juvenile members of affiliated clubs will be allowed access to the club premises only in the company of a responsible adult member from the affiliate club.


ü  Ensuring that the bar and kitchen areas will be maintained to meet the standards of the Liquor Licensing Division as per the requirements of the Standards of Premises Policy.


ü  Providing food and snacks for members and guests as well as providing non-alcoholic drinks for sale as well as providing tea, coffee and water to reduce possible intoxication.


ü  Having trained staff and volunteers on duty to implement both the responsible server practices and harm minimisation strategies.



Updated on 28 June 2017
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