The supply and consumption of alcohol shall conform to the Liquor Control Act 1988.


The Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club (Inc) understands that its constitution and rules are its general management plan and undertakes work practices that uphold all matters as contained within the clubs constitution.


The Management Plan assists in the means in which the Club will implement the associated Code of Conduct and House Management Policy.


The Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club (Inc) pledges to operate the licence in a responsible and friendly professional manner to the satisfaction of all stakeholders and the nearby communities.


Membership is offered to any person expressing an interest in the common objectives of the Club and only to those who are prepared to comply with the requirements of membership, code of conduct and rules of the club as contained in the Constitution.


Management of the club shall be vested in the committee being management elected by the member’s as confined by the constitutional l rules.


Annual General Meetings (AGM) will be facilitated by;

·         Confirmation of minutes of the last AGM and of any Special Meetings held;

·         Receiving and discussing the accounts and reports of the committee;

·         The election of officers and committee and determination of any matter appearing on the notice convening the meeting;

·         Special Business if any brought forward after written notice as before mentioned;

·         Special General Meetings (SGM) shall whenever required by the Management Committee be convened;

·         Any General Business.


The Club will ensure that all Approved Managers are accredited through the completion of a formally recognised training course as approved by the Director of Liquor Licensing.


All staff will be trained in liquor licensing legislation, patron care and responsible service of liquor on harm minimisation strategies by their completion of in-house training, and continually reinforce the principles relating to objectives and general conduct of members as included in the clubs constitution on an ongoing basis.


Management will ensure that ongoing training sessions are conducted in house in order to maintain and keep up with changes made in liquor licensing policies and legislative requirements.



Promote and implement responsible server practices by ensuring that:

1. Liquor is not available on credit.

2. Low alcohol drinks, coffee, soft drinks and water are promoted and available on the premises.

3. Members and guests understand that service to any member possibly affected by alcohol will be restricted and monitored in order to comply with Club rules and the Liquor Control Act.

4. Management Committee supports bar staff with the empowerment to immediately cease service of alcohol to members whose behaviour is likely to cause discredit to the reputation of the Club and its objectives.



1. Ensure staff treat all customer complaints seriously and respond to them accordingly by:

·         Identifying the seriousness of a complaint as to whether it can be dealt with by a staff member or requires Managerial intervention.

·         Establishing a resolution to the complaint that, wherever possible, is satisfactory to the complainant.

·         Documenting details of serious complaints including names, dates, times, facts of the matter and action/solutions.

·         The Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club (Inc) constitution is very clear in terms of how it handles complaints in relation to members conduct and to the facilities and the general ambience of the club environment.

·         At all times staff will act in a professional and friendly manner towards members and guests of members and customers on an objective basis.

·         Where necessary summons Police assistance in order to prevent any possible or potential aggressive situation.


1. Ensure staff refuse further service of liquor to persons displaying signs of intoxication by:

·         Being alert and diligent to the detection of intoxication signs at an early stage.

·         Talking to the customer away from other patrons where possible.

·         Calmly and courteously stating that further service of liquor is being refused as it is an offence to serve intoxicated patrons.

·         Emphasising that member’s patronage is valued.

·         Offering alternative drink options such as soft drinks, coffee/tea, and water.

·         Providing telephone calls for persons wishing to arrange alternative transport from our premises.

·         Having staff arrange for taxi services upon request.

·         Thereafter being alert to other patrons who may attempt to purchase liquor on behalf of the intoxicated person.


2. Warn or remove from our premises (and where appropriate seek prosecution of) any person Management or staff deem to be:

·         Acting in any manner causing an annoyance or discomfort to any other patrons or staff members.

·         Committing offences in contravention of the Liquor Control Act.


3. In instances where a patron is required to leave the premises for behavioural or intoxicated reasons, ensure staff:

·         Clearly indicate to the member why they are required to leave the premises.

·         Have competent knowledge of their powers to legally remove persons where necessary.

·         Have sufficient support on hand to assist as necessary.

·         Call Police where appropriate.

·         Always aim for voluntary compliance.

·         When physically removing a patron, use only as much force as is necessary in the circumstances.



Restricting and monitoring access of persons suspected of being juveniles on Club premises by demanding evidence of age in the form of;

·         Current Australian Driver's Licence (with photo).

·         Current Passport (with photo).

·         Proof of Age Card as prescribed by Regulation 18B of the Liquor Control Regulations 1989. 

Updated on 12 September 2013
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