Club Caps are back
Date of Event Subiaco-Floreat Cricket Club: Sat Sep 19, 2020 12:41PM


The Subiaco-Floreat baggy cap has a long proud history with the Club.


The gold cap with the maroon Lion was the traditional cap of the Subiaco Cricket Club with a long and proud history.


The 1977 merger with the Floreat Park Cricket Cap saw the new Club adopt the gold cap as it's own with the addition of "Subiaco-Floreat" embroided in the Floreat Park blue and a new tradition was born.


Club baggy caps are available to buy on the Online Club Store.


New stock from Centurion Caps will be available from mid-October for $30.


These are 100% wool and like all SFCC baggy caps are in the traditional English style.


Also available are a very limited quantity (17) of Albion baggy caps for $35.

These are in various sizes from S to 2XL.

100% wool and made in Australia, these are the last of their kind, a collectors item.


Buy your Club baggy cap online at




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